Claremont Sanctuary Pilates

Find Laura at Claremont Sanctuary Pilates in the Claremont Village!

Laura is honored to be part of the family of this zen-like Boutique STOTT Pilates studio, located in the trendy and upscale West Claremont Village.

Laura is available for Mindful STOTT Pilates Private, Semi-Private and small equipment classes.

Studio rates of Claremont Sanctuary Pilates apply.

Claremont Sanctuary Pilates interior

Bringing 20 years of STOTT Pilates teaching experience to Claremont

Laura is super excited to be bringing her Hawaiian Aloha mixed with years of experience with Mindful STOTT Pilates to Claremont Sanctuary Pilates. 

Laura is available for Private, Semi-Private, plus evening group classes in STOTT Pilates. 

Laura has years of advanced training in the exclusive STOTT Pilates Rehab program created by our dear friend and Master Trainer Melanie Byford-Young. 

Stay tuned for more updates and we begin to bring our unique and FUN style to the lucky clients in Claremont.

Claremont Sanctuary Pilates Interior

Ready to experience some "Mindful" STOTT Pilates with Laura?

Booking a session with Laura at Claremont Sanctuary Pilates is easy (and you have choices):

  • Phone (or text) Laura to schedule your appointment
  • Use our contact page to schedule your appointment

No matter how you book, let's get you on the schedule and on your way to feeling UH-MAZE-ZING while experiencing some awesome "Mindful"  STOTT Pilates - with Aloha!