Creative Dance with Laura

Creative Dance with Ms Laura

Offering Dance and Rhythm Classes for kids ages 2.5-6

Laura offers weekly classes specially geared to meet the needs of the developing child.

Classes are age appropriate and include gross motor skills, cognitive 

Rhythm Works Integrative Dance

Laura is pursuing her certification in this ground breaking dance program.


Rhythm Works Integrative Dance is a rhythm and dance program that incorporates evidence-based practices from sensory integration, applications to physical skills, and behavioral strategies. While the focus in on teaching students with learning differences and special needs, the program is also applicable to people of all ages and capabilities!

Laura will be able to use the program as part of individual therapy sessions, as well as in group settings such as dance studios, school classrooms, recreational centers, assisted living facilities, and more, to increase participation opportunities for everyone!

Developmental, functional, and motor goals may be supported through purposeful, client-centered rhythm and dance activities. The program also promotes development in self-regulation, attention and communication skills.

The key to this ground-breaking program is the library of 150 hip hop dance steps that are classified into 31 sensory, kinesiology, cognitive, and motor skill set categories to assist in achieving common developmental goals. Session content is strategically chosen based on the desired skill development of participants, making Rhythm Works Integrative Dance a highly customizable and effective choice.

The RWID program  identifies a variety of teaching styles to effectively accommodate individual learning differences. This is more than a basic dance class.  Certified Instructors are trained to see the “whole student” with open eyes and a world of possibilities! Instructors learn how RWID can be customized for each client to improve outcomes for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, and other learning differences and special needs.

Current Locations

Ms Laura currently teaches at:

The Montessori Academy of Corona

HM Dance Co

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Ms Laura is available to bring this amazing program to schools and organizations in the Inland Empire and Eastern Los Angeles County.

Creative Dance with Laura

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