Equilibrium Fitness La Verne CA

Equilibrium Fitness La Verne CA

Find us at Equilibrium Fitness in La Verne!

We're so happy to be part of the family at this amazing studio.

We are available for GYROTONIC, GYROKINESIS, Mindful STOTT Pilates, Private Yoga, Chi Kung and more.

Studio rates of Equilibrium Fitness apply.

Laura Yawning with GYROTONIC in La Verne CA

Bringing GYROTONIC to La Verne Claremont Upland and more

We're so excited to be bringing the art, grace, and experience of The GYROTONIC Expansion System to Equilibrium Fitness.

We are available for Private and Duet instruction on BOTH the Pilates equipment AND our GYROTONIC equipment. 

Laura will be offering GYROKINESIS group classes (as well as private and semi-private instruction), and her amazing GYROTONIC for your Inner Dancer (on the Orbit) group equipment class...and more!

Stay tuned for more updates and we begin to spiral, arch, and curl in La Verne.

Figure 8s Laura and Steve Blossoming Lotus Gyrotonic La Verne CA

Ready to experience some "Mindful" STOTT Pilates? Ready to Arch, Curl and Spiral?

Booking a session with Laura or Steve at Equilibrium is easy (and you have choices):

  • Phone us to schedule your appointment
  • Use our contact page to schedule your appointment
  • Utilize Equilibrium Fitness' convenient 24/7 online booking system to book your appointment.

No matter how you book, let's get you on the schedule and on your way to feeling UH-MAZE-ZING while experiencing "Mindful" Pilates and/or The GYROTONIC Expansion System.

Current Classes with Laura at Equilibrium Fitness La Verne

Intro to The GYROKINESIS® Method (45 mins)

Fridays at 10:00am

GYROTONIC® for your Inner Dancer (60 mins)

Fridays at 10:45am

This unique group equipment class incorporates the elements of arch, curl, spiral, and undulate from The GYROTONIC® Method to simultaneously stretch, strengthen and awaken the deep core and entire body. This full-body workout utilizes the Orbit, sliders, coasters, foam roller, springboard and ball to improve range of motion, strength, deep core activation, and sensory awareness in a variety of fun yet challenging planes of motion. Class is limited to 5 participants. Online or Studio Pre-registration required to participate in this class. 

Session Rates at Equilibrium Fitness La Verne

All sessions conducted by Laura and Steve are paid through the Equilibrium Fitness front desk and their price structure.

To book a session and to purchase sessions at Equilibrium Fitness, click the link below.

Where to find us in La Verne CA

Ready to book a session in La Verne with Laura or Steve?

Great! (And yay you!)

All sessions are by appointment only.

Sessions in La Verne are held at Equilibrium Fitness on Foothill Blvd. Payments are made directly to the studio (Equilibrium Fitness studio rates and policies apply).

Send Laura a message with your ideal day and time (a couple of choices are best) and let's get you moving!

Blossoming Lotus Studios @ Equilibrium La Verne CA

2019 Foothill Boulevard, La Verne, California 91750, United States

(808) 756-1628

Reach out to Laura

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