Low Back Therapy

Manual Therapy - Pain Free Results that Last!

What is Manual Therapy?

Manual Therapy is the application of passive slow mobilization in a controlled process of articular (joint) and soft-tissue (myofascial) stretching intended to improve bio-mechanical elasticity, improve posture and reinforce proper movement patterns in the body. 

Manual Therapy is part of advanced coursework within The GYROTONIC® Method of movement and exercise.

Is Manual Therapy like Massage?

No. The only thing that Manual Therapy and Massage have in common is that both involved the skilled application of touch. Manual Therapy is performed with clients fully dressed (generally in exercise wear), uses no oils or creams, and does not include Massage techniques (the repetitive rubbing, stroking or kneading of myofascial tissues to principally improve blood flow).

Is Manual Therapy like Chiropractic?

No. While the end goals may appear to be the same as Chiropractic care, Manual Therapy does not involve any popping of joints or thrusting movements. Manual Therapy uses specific breathing patterns, gentle touch, and subtle muscle action from the client to bring about change.

*** Do you have chronic pain or an old injury that just won't get better? 


*** Have you done "all the right things" (physical therapy, chiropractor,  massage, medication) and you still aren't able to be pain-free?   

Then you owe it to yourself to receive a Manual Therapy Session with Steve. 

Booking your Session

How long is a session? What is involved?

Sessions last from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the needs and goals of the client. Sessions include hands-on Manual Therapy techniques and finish with movement exercises designed to reinforce the changes that have occurred in the body.

How much does a session cost?

Sessions are $100 per session. Packages are available for clients who attend weekly sessions.

How often should I schedule a session?

This depends on which "issues in your tissues" you are working on. Sometimes a single session is all that is needed. If more persistent issues have been occurring, booking a session once or twice a week is recommended. Talk with your GYROTONIC ® Trainer for their recommendation.


Single session $100

Packages available for clients attending weekly sessions.

Onsen Structural Manual Therapy with Steve


What is Onsen Structural Manual Therapy?

"An Onsen Manual Therapy session includes unique key components: assessment, muscle energy technique, post-isometric relaxation, transverse friction massage, myofascial release, and exercise for stability." 

Assessment is how Steve will find where your body's structure is limited/stuck and where it may be hypermobile. This will provide the roadmap to bring you back to balance.  

Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is a means of manually assessing imbalances and distortions in the skeletal system and correcting them, via the soft tissue, using a tiny amount of the patient's own energy (force) applied in a specific direction. Extremely gentle, MET provides dramatic and lasting improvements in flexibility, muscle tension and comfort.


Post-Isometric Relaxation works with the natural laws of the body. When a muscle has been actively contracted, the nervous system responds with an appropriate level of relaxation when the muscle relaxes.  

Transverse Friction Massage works to break up scar tissue and adhesions that may have formed during an injury or repetitive use injury. Frictions help restore elasticity and increase blood flow to the area being worked. This helps to remove waste products, toxins, and bring in fresh nutrients, blood and oxygen to an area promoting healing.  

Myofascial Release works to release held patterns and adhesions in the fascia (a connective tissue in the body that gives us our shape). Fascia is the highest innverated tissue in the body, and responds well to this specific technique. Traditional massage does not address Fascia.  

Optional Exercises may be given to provide either stability or mobility to the affected area(s). Steve may also recommend and/or incorporate GYROTONIC exercise, therapeutic exercise, Pilates, Yoga, Chi Kung, Meditation, or breathwork exercises as homework to enhance the results from your session. Private Therapeutic Exercise/Yoga sessions are also available separately.  

Steve Von Hargett  LMT, COTT, MAE 1991

Steve Von Hargett LMT, COTT, Hawaii MAE 1991

is a Certified Onsen Technique® Therapist, a STOTT Pilates Instructor (with specialized training in Pilates for Rehabilitation) and GYROTONIC® method Trainer. 

Experience the difference of having a skilled Movement Specialist as your therapist, who understands your body, muscular imbalances, injuries, compensation patterns and movement in an entirely deeper way.

Steve also offers Manual Therapy sessions at your home or condo in the greater Inland Empire area (travel fee applies). Please inquire!


Please note: Steve is currently not seeing clients...

Steve is currently recovering from two knee surguries

Once Steve's rehabilitation is complete, he'll again be seeing clients.

Until then, feel free to stay in contact for the announcement of when he'll return to work. Please keep him and his recovery in your healing thoughts.