Private Yoga

Private Yoga sessions designed just for you


  • Are you new to Yoga and don't feel comfortable heading into a group class? Let's get you prepared and comfortable.
  • Do you attend group classes and have questions that the instructor doesn't have the time to answer? Let's answer those questions and demystify poses that may be of a challenge to you.
  • Do you have injuries or other limitations and what to learn how to modify poses? Let's learn the how and why of the pose (what it's goal is) and how to best modify it so that the original goal is in tact OR we'll find an alternative pose.
  • Are you seeking a personalized home practice designed around your body, time and goals? Let's sit down and together create your ideal home practice.

If you answered YES to any of these questions...


If you answered YES to any of these questions OR you are simply seeking a private lesson with a highly qualified and diversely trained instructor (who is also a licensed medical massage therapist), look no further.



"The gift of yoga and body awareness that I have received from Laura is a joy to experience. Thank you for being a true teacher." 

-- Lisa K.

"Laura: You are a beautiful person, strong & wise. You are a great teacher. Thanks for all you have shared with us. Most of all, you are an inspiration. It's incredible to see someone living in dharma and making their dreams coming true. May much more joy come to you in the years to come." 

-- Bethany D.

"Dear Laura, 
I wonder if you can really imagine the full & very powerful impact you have had on me, in spirit, mind and body. Like you've said before, seeds have been planted and my garden is looking very rich and fertile. I'm healthy now! The gifts you have offered me in, in my experience, are nothing short of profound and I feel extremely blessed. I love being around you and you are so beautiful inside & out. I offer you my deepest gratitude and appreciation and my love as your friend always." 

-- Denise D. 

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