Sound Baths at Blossoming Lotus GYROTONIC®

What IS a Sound Bath?

Full description, coming soon!

First Friday Sound Bath and Chi Kung for Healing

We are happy to announce our First Fridays "Sound Bath with Chi Kung for Healing & Stress Relief" are COMING SOON!!!

These monthly sessions begin with a 30-45 min Chi Kung for Healing & Stress Relief session with Steve. No experience necessary! Begin your profound relaxation by learning to move and work with (Kung) your own personal energy (Chi).

Students will then be guided through the amazing Sound Bath experience. The depth of relaxation will astound you. Such good medicine for these "interesting" times. Our Sound Bath generally lasts approximately one hour.

What to expect...

For the Chi Kung portion:

For the Sound Bath portion:

For the Sound Bath portion:


For Chi Kung practice, please wear comfortable clothing you can easily move in. Socks are welcome. Shoes, however, are left at the door. Feel free to bring a water bottle (with a lid that closes) for your use.

Chi Kung is generally performed in a standing posture. And, it can be easily modified to be performed while seated on a stool or a chair. Please let your instructor know if you prefer to have a stool.

No experience necessary. All that is required is an open curious mind and a body yearning to move.

For the Sound Bath portion:

For the Sound Bath portion:

For the Sound Bath portion:


For the Sound Bath, you'll need to bring with you:

  • A yoga mat , beach towel, or other soft surface on which to lay down
  • A blanket (your body temp WILL lower as you relax)
  • An optional eye pillow
  • A pillow for under your head (esp if you would normally not lay without support for your head/neck)
  • A pillow for under your knees (esp if low back issues)
  • We have a variety of yoga bolsters and blankets for you to use to make your laying position super comfy (limited quantity)

Sound baths are generally experienced while laying on your back. If laying on your back isn't comfortable, you are welcome to use a side laying position. We are happy to accommodate individuals who prefer to sit upright on a cushion, stool or chair. Just let us know when you make your reservation so we are prepared!