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Gyrotonic Teacher Training at Blossoming Lotus Gyrotonic

Change the world, one spiral at a time...

Blossoming Lotus GYROTONIC® is pleased to announce that we are now an official Gyrotonic Teacher Training Studio for both The GYROTONIC® and The GYROKINESIS® Methods with our resident Master Trainer Victoria Lim.

Our training programs provide a holistic approach to mastering the teaching of this amazing work, along with the environment, support and experience to help you succeed on this life changing path. 

Your path to GYROTONIC® certification begins by creating a strong understanding and experience of the foundational exercises and concepts in The GYROTONIC® Method. (Get it in your own body before focusing on learning to teach the method.) We require 3-4 months of Private sessions and group Trios with one of our certified trainers as your first step. Second is our Pre-Training program that strengthens your ability to master GYROTONIC® movements in your own body. The student then advances through training courses and apprenticeships, all culminating in a final certification process (at special studios around the US) with an Authorized GYROTONIC® Master Trainer.

We pride ourselves in offering individualized instruction for each student to help prepare you for this amazing journey. Many students partake of the pre-training course as a “deep dive / intensive” into Gyrotonic exercise for their own well-being and enjoyment.

Courses we offer:

Level I Gyrotonic Pre-Training, Foundation Training, Apprenticeship Review

Level I Gyrokinesis Pre-Training, Foundation Training, Apprenticeship Review

Level II Gyrotonic Courses

Level II Gyrokinesis Courses

All Specialized Equipment Courses and Refresher Courses

Special Workshops

Guest Master Instructor Courses and Workshops

Steps in The Gyrotonic Teacher Training Journey

  1. Begin your journey as a client, taking 3-6 months of private lessons AND group Trios with one of our certified Gyrotonic trainers. (Get the system in your own body first.)
  2. Apply to our program.
  3. Complete the Gyrotonic Pre-Training Course (held in house with our licensed pre-trainer)
  4. Complete the Gyrotonic Foundation Course (held in house with our resident Master Trainer)
  5. Complete your first 30 practice teaching hours as an Apprentice Teacher in our studio under our watchful eyes.
  6. Continue taking Trio classes (keep the work in your body, learn how to teach from a different perspective and continue your own growth as a student).
  7. Complete the Apprenticeship Review Course (held in house with our resident Master Trainer)
  8. Complete your second 30 Apprenticeship Teaching Hours
  9. Complete the Final Certification Course (held at a variety of studios in the US and abroad)
  10. Change lives: one Spiral at a Time

Apply to the Program!

Apply to the Program or Inquire about courses