why blossoming lotus?

Why Blossoming Lotus?


The blossoming lotus flower represents the ability of ones body, mind and spirit to grow and blossom bringing beauty into the world, while remaining grounded. Lotus Blossoms float effortlessly upon muddy waters while rain, mud, and debris all slide easily off of their petals. 

I love this analogy when dealing with the storms of life that may blow in, reminding us to remain grounded while we allow the storm to roll effortlessly off of us (like mud off the lotus flowers' petals).


We Believe...

Today there are more reasons (and ways) than ever to get fit and healthy. We believe for a fitness program to be the most effective, your body AND your mind need to be engaged. ALL sessions at Blossoming Lotus Studios focus on your mind-body connection. Our sessions provide equal portions of fun, learning, stress relief, and physical challenge. When you engage your whole being, your mind and your body respond with greater ease and with increased energy levels, better function and improved stamina, allowing you to live your life more fully!  

Our focus is on YOU!

We want to get to know you. Your goals, your learning style, your personal needs. And we do this by building relationships with our clients in our private and duet lessons. We continue this into our small boutique-size classes where ALL students receive friendly and personalized instruction.

No matter where you are starting your journey or where you'd like it to take you, we'll meet you where you are and be there with you (cheering you on) each step of the way.

We are passionate about our work and we love what we do. And it shows. Give yourself the gift of a session in The Gyrotonic Method, Pilates, Yoga, or Massage  with us and experience our work first hand. (Your mind and body are already thanking you!)

Learn Why we Do what we do...

Curious why we began teaching? Learn about our personal injury struggles and how we got our lives back. Perhaps you'll resonate with it and we'll be helping you move with pain-free joyful movement soon,

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