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We're passionate about sharing the joy of mindful movement

“The ultimate aim is to be at home in one’s body, experience greater freedom of movement, to feel unrestricted and uninhibited, to be free from pain, to be at one with the nature of oneself, and to experience exercise as a creative and delightful experience.” 
~ Juliu Horvath

​(creator of the GYROTONIC Expansion System)

We are experts in both the GYROTONIC Method and Contemporary Mindful STOTT Pilates. And we LOVE blending these systems together to create a unique exercise and wellness experience you'll thrive in.

Sessions with Laura are playful, educational, inspiring, and transformational. She believes that health comes from harmony of mind, body and spirit, and that exercise is a vehicle for self exploration, healing, wholeness, and joy. Ask anyone who knows Laura what she is passionate about, and they'll answer: Pilates Gyrotonic Yoga and Dance. For Laura, teaching the joy of mindful movement is her life’s path and she looks forward to sharing this gift with you.  

Sessions with Steve focus on rehabilitation along with a combination of hands on work. Great for those with injuries including stroke, TBI, and more.

Featuring The GYROTONIC Expansion System

The heart and soul of our offerings at Blossoming Lotus Pilates and Gyrotonic is The GYROTONIC Expansion System comprised of 

The Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Methods 

Both methods were developed by Juliu Horvath, an ethnic Hungarian, and professional dancer from Romania. Horvath suffered a series of debilitating injuries during his dance career and began developing the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis (aka Yoga for Dancers) Methods as a way to heal himself and regain his strength and agility.

You'll love how Gyrotonic feels

Gyrotonic feels so good

Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis with Laura gave me my life back

After working on building my own company and raising twins on my own, the stress I was under had taken it's toll on my physical and mental state. I'd tried everything (yoga, pilates, massage, meditation) and nothing helped. 

Then I heard about Laura and Gyrotonic. I was skeptical, as I'd never heard of it before. By the end of the first session I was hooked. Not only did the movement feel SO good in my body, I felt as though I had gained a part of myself back that had been missing. 

I've been practicing Gyrotonic (on the equipment) and Gyrokinesis (in group class) now for 4 years and cannot imagine my life without them.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this amazing system into my life.

~ Marta Barerras

Feng Shui Consultant


What is the GYROTONIC Expansion System?

How is The GYROTONIC Expansion System practiced?

In line with more traditional types of yoga and martial arts techniques, creator Juliu Horvath's goal with The GYROTONIC Expansion System is to bring the mind, body and soul in to union. This ancient spiritual approach towards overall health has been focused into the emergence of an exercise system that has been created to answer the growing needs of a fast paced, dynamic culture. It is modern day yoga for the modern day individual.

Unlike anything you have experienced, The GYROTONIC Method will spiral your spine and limbs, open your energy centers, safely and effortlessly increase the range of motion in your joints, all while building strength, stamina, flexibility, power and endurance. For those searching for an alternative in place of traditional linear modes of exercise The GYROTONIC® Expansion System (made up of The GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS Methods) is a low-impact expansion system that can be practiced by everyone regardless of age or fitness capability. A 60 minute GYROTONIC® session can be a relaxing and rejuvenating movement experience, or an invigorating and aerobic workout, depending upon the goals and needs of the client that particular day. Whether you are an advanced athlete, a golfer looking to improve his or her game, a beginner student, or perhaps recovering from an injury, GYROTONIC® sessions increase flexibility and range of motion dramatically, while at the same time toning and strengthening the entire body.

While the system has been around for a few decades, many have not heard of The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. It is a sophisticated mind-body fitness system that ingeniously combines exercise with the energetic awakening and transformation of Chi Kung (or other forms of internal martial arts), the flexibility and mental clarity of yoga, the strength and body sculpting of weight training, the grace and elegance of dance, the internal focus and calm mind of Tai Chi, along with improved core strength, coordination and aerobic conditioning. The GYROTONIC Method is performed on unique equipment that provides resistance when necessary and support when needed. It is really one of the most ingenious systems available for the human form. In some circles, it is considered the couture of exercise. Circular rather than linear in nature, GYROTONIC exercise incorporates spiraling and undulating motions on multiple movement planes, which increase the functional capacity of the spine and keep the body's energy continuously flowing. Fully adjustable to the needs of every body type and strength level, GYROTONIC movement is used worldwide in therapeutic, dance, sport-specific and general conditioning facilities by people of all ages. It is a system that bridges the gap between Eastern and Western disciplines resulting in total equilibrium and complete freedom of movement.

The system has therapeutic applications for people recovering from life's ailments - shoulder injuries, hip replacements, strokes, breast cancer, and surgeries, as well as applications for special times in life - pregnancy, menopause, and aging. The system is applicable to athletes, dancers, golfers, tennis players, martial artists, and us "regular folks" who may be living with chronic back pain, neck and shoulder tension, and more.

The GYROTONIC Method – Infinte Possibilities

Why work with us?

What makes working with Laura and Steve so special? 

Laura and Steve are the only combined GYROTONIC Trainer / Contemporary Pilates Master Teacher/ Yoga Instructor / Massage Therapist in the entire Inland Empire. As movement educators, Steve and Laura combine their advanced training in western anatomical, biomechanical and rehabilitation science with their vast knowledge of Eastern Contemplative and Energetic Systems into a unique experience accessible to everyone. In addition, Laura is a Dance Movement Therapist, Licensed [Hawaii] Medical Massage Therapist, and has advanced degrees in Transpersonal Psychology and Mind-Body Medicine. 

How does this benefit me? 

We focus on combining Pilates and GYROTONIC exercise into THE most transformational Mind-Body fitness program available.

You probably already know that Pilates and GYROTONIC exercise strengthen your core, improve your posture, increase flexibility, and make your whole body lean and stronger. But did you know that THE most important benefit is that when the combined power of Contemporary Pilates AND GYROTONIC exercise are taught with the focus on the Mind Body Connection that Laura specializes in, these systems strengthen the connection between your mind and your body, even when you feel your abs shaking and your legs feel like jello. In other words, training with us helps makes your exercise more efficient and smarter! Plus, it's the most feel good FUN workout you'll experience!

"Suffering from back pain for most of my life, I'm always looking for alternative methods to minimize my discomfort. Laura and Steve have made a major contribution to achieving that goal. Their knowledge of anatomy, sense of compassion, level of enthusiasm and personalized approach make every session rewarding. Doesn't matter if it's a class or a private, they seriously yet cheerfully provide you with the opportunity to learn how to re-educate your body to make it work the way it's supposed to. Pilates and GYROTONIC have been the only workout programs whose hourly routine I look forward to and whose end comes too quickly. My doctors have watched my strength grow and my pain scale decline and fully credit my working with Steve and Laura on a regular basis for these accomplishments. I can't thank them enough for all they've done and continue to do to help me feel healthier, both physically and mentally. Thanks guys!"    -- Mary Lou S.

Laura and Steve offer individualized private and duet sessions utilizing Pilates AND Gyrotonic / Gyrokiinesis (along with Yoga and Chi Kung for Healing) to unite your mind, body, and soul in a way that eases tension, reduces inflammation, and promotes health and well being.

Blossoming Lotus Pilates and Gyrotonic (formerly Kona Pilates of Kailua Kona Hawaii) is the creation of Master Teacher Laura Crittendon (and her husband Steve Von Hargett), whose passion for mindful movement spans 30 years.

Bringing the grace, beauty and joy of The Gyrotonic Expansion System to La Verne and beyond

Why Blossoming Lotus?

The blossoming lotus flower represents the ability of ones body, mind and spirit to grow and blossom bringing beauty into the world, while remaining grounded. Lotus Blossoms float effortlessly upon muddy waters while rain, mud, and debris all slide easily off of their petals. 

I love this analogy when dealing with the storms of life that may blow in, reminding us to remain grounded while we allow the storm to roll effortlessly off of us (like mud off the lotus flowers' petals).

We Believe...

Today there are more reasons (and ways) than ever to get fit and healthy. We believe for a fitness program to be the most effective, your body AND your mind need to be engaged. ALL sessions at Blossoming Lotus Pilates and Gyrotonic focus on your mind-body connection. Our sessions provide equal portions of fun, learning, stress relief, and physical challenge. When you engage your whole being, your mind and your body respond with greater ease and with increased energy levels, better function and improved stamina, allowing you to live your life more fully!  

Our focus is on YOU!

We want to get to know you. Your goals, your learning style, your personal needs. And we do this by building relationships with our clients in our private and duet lessons. We continue this into our small boutique-size classes where ALL students receive friendly and personalized instruction.

No matter where you are starting your journey or where you'd like it to take you, we'll meet you where you are and be there with you (cheering you on) each step of the way.

We are passionate about our work and we love what we do. And it shows. Give yourself the gift of a Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Yoga or Pilates session with us and experience our work first hand. (Your mind and body are already thanking you!)

Meet the Owners

Laura Crittendon, LMT Studio Founder Blossoming Lotus Pilates and Gyrotonic Riverside & La Verne CA

Laura Crittendon, DMT, LMT Studio Founder

A message from Laura...
I love transforming my client's lives through GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® sessions mixed with a healthy dose of Contemporary Pilates, while weaving in my vast and deep well of knowledge (both Eastern and Western) of Yoga, Breathwork and Chi Kung allowing me to offer my client's a depth of study and experience rarely found. My sessions are playful, educational, inspiring, and transformational. I believe that health comes from harmony of mind, body and spirit, and that exercise is a vehicle for self exploration, healing, wholeness, and joy. Ask anyone who knows me what I am passionate about, and they'll answer: Pilates Gyrotonic Yoga and Dance. For me, teaching the joy of mindful movement is my life’s path and I look forward to sharing this gift with you.  

Steve Von Hargett, LMT COTT Studio co-owner Blossoming Lotus Pilates and Gyrotonic

Steve Von Hargett, LMT, COTT Studio co-Founder

Steve Von Hargett has over 18 years experience teaching movement and 7,000+ hours of training in therapeutic exercise and massage/manual therapy. He is Hawaii state licensed and board certified as an Integrative Medical and Manual Massage Therapist and is the Studio co-owner. 

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